How to get rid of Pimples permanently using Home remedies

Friends if your skin is acne prone and you have tried so many things but not able to get rid of pimples?

Then you are at right place here I am going to share with you how to get rid of pimples permanently using home remedies. I will also give home remedies for pimple for oily skin. These remedies are tried and tested and are 100 percent natural.

Unexpected pimple is every one worst nightmare especially just before any special occasion or event. There are so many products out their in market which claim to treat acne and pimple but I believe in home remedies as they are natural with no side effects. But before getting on home remedies below first we will look on how pimple causes.
How pimple causes
Scientifically when our skin gland start to produce excess oil and this oil combine with our dead skin cells due to this skin pores get block and it encourage growing bacteria which cause pimples on skin.
Your genetics, skin type and hormones decide how much pimple problems you face. But any…

How to get rid of dark circles home remedies

How to get rid of Dark circles with Home remedies
The battle between us and dark circles is one that is never ending. For a lucky few they might only show up when you have lack of sleep but for the rest of us, they are pretty much permanent residents.
There are plenty of products that claim to magically eradicate these shadows, but I believe in our natural ingredients who slowly but steadily give us long term results.
So if you’re done looking tired and you want to bid your panda eyes a goodbye, here are a few natural ingredients that are going to come to your rescue, but below first we will look some of the common causes of dark circles. Common causes of dark circles Extreme fatigueNatural agingEye strainAllergiesDehydrationSun overexposureGenetics
I am blameworthy for not drinking enough water, binge watching too many shows that put a lot of strain on my eyes and a completely haywire sleep schedule. Home remedies to get rid of dark circles Since I know that I am not only in this, I …

Daily tips for glowing skin | Daily skin care routine for glowing skin at home

Natural glow on face is the major indicator of healthy skin. But your skin can get dull and dry due to some factors like stressful lifestyle, busy work schedule and not taking proper sleep, lack of nutrients in diet, consuming alcohol and smoking, harmful rays of sun and pollution. A person doesn’t have hold on age but surely can slow down the process of losing glow and radiance from skin. And this is where daily home remedies for glowing skin, daily skin care routine and some daily tips can help you in natural way at your home.

Daily tips and Skin care routine for glowing skin at home This article is about daily tips for glowing, well-structured skincare routine and daily home remedies for glowing skin. It is not easy to deal with skin problems such as pimples, blemishes, dark spots etc. keep coming and you might have tried numerous remedies and treatments out there but nothing seems to bring out that perfect and glowing skin. This is because the skin on face is much thinner than th…

Pahadi Chicken Recipe - Hariyali | Pahadi Curry | Tandoori | Pahadi Kebab

Pahari people are very good in nature and mountain where they live are very beautiful, here you can find people eating and serving healthy and different foods. The cuisines of mountains (pahad) are simple, nutritious, don't contain complex ingredients and spices. Most of pahadi dishes are made by ingredients which are grown in the local regions of mountain.

Pahadi Cicken Recipes - Pahadi Chicken Curry, Pahadi Kabab, Pahadi Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Hariyali Today I am going to share you some of the delicious and tasty recipe of pahadi chicken. This recipe list include Pahadi Chicken Curry, Chicken Pahadi Kabab, Pahadi Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Hariyali (Green chicken). These recipes are easy to make at home. So come lets jump into it.
Pahadi Chicken Curry Recipe In the Northern part of India, Pahadi Chicken Curry is very popular pahadi dish. In India the word Pahad or pahadi address the mountains so the recipes include ingredients such as pahadi vegetables, spice etc. t…

Bamboo chicken | Bamboo chicken biryani | Recipe and Restaurant

Bamboo chicken and Bamboo Chicken Biryani
What is bamboo chicken or bongulo chicken and from where originated?It is an classical cuisine which is originated from hill station known as Araku valley and this valley falls under Vishakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Bamboo chicken also popular as bongulo chicken (chicken in bamboo) is a dish which is prepared by stuffing the chicken which is marinated with spices and vegetables in the bamboo shoot and then roasted on the heat of charcoal.

If you want to take the pleasure of this delicious recipe without preparing it by yourself you just simply Google it by typing in search box bamboo chicken near meor bongulo chicken near meand you will get all the details of your near by restaurants offering this amazing dish. Bamboo chicken recipe The type of recipe – Starter Cuisine type – Tribal Serve – 8 to 10 Preparing – 1 hour Cooking – 30 minutes (half an hour)
2 (two) teaspoons of chilly red powder 1 (one) teaspoo…