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Pahari people are very good in nature and mountain where they live are very beautiful, here you can find people eating and serving healthy and different foods. The cuisines of mountains (pahad) are simple, nutritious, don't contain complex ingredients and spices. Most of pahadi dishes are made by ingredients which are grown in the local regions of mountain.

    Pahadi Cicken Recipes - Pahadi Chicken Curry, Pahadi Kabab, Pahadi Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Hariyali

    Today I am going to share you some of the delicious and tasty recipe of pahadi chicken. This recipe list include Pahadi Chicken Curry, Chicken Pahadi Kabab, Pahadi Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Hariyali (Green chicken). These recipes are easy to make at home. So come lets jump into it.

    Pahadi Chicken Curry Recipe

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    Pahadi Chicken Curry
    In the Northern part of India, Pahadi Chicken Curry is very popular pahadi dish. In India the word Pahad or pahadi address the mountains so the recipes include ingredients such as pahadi vegetables, spice etc. that are majorly grown in the parts of mountain.

    In Pahadi Chicken Curry, the chicken is cooked delicately in pan, the masala (gravy) is prepared by grinding coriander seeds, cinnamon stick, cardamom, cloves, cumin seeds ginger and garlic. This prepared grounded masala is then cooked with chicken. So lets jump into the pahadi chicken curry recipe.

    Ingredients- 4 Servings

    1/2 (half) Kg Chicken (washed and cut in Pieces), 1 Teaspoon of Coriander Seeds 1, Teaspoon of Cumin Seeds, 2 Bay Leaves, 1 Black Cardamom, 5 Cloves, 8 to 10 pieces of Black Pepper Corns, 1 Inch Cinnamon Stick, 1 Inch piece of Ginger (Peeled & Cut in pieces), 6 Pods Garlic, 3 Dry Whole Red Chili, 2 Sliced Onion, 2 Chopped Tomato, 1½ Teaspoon Salt or according to taste, ½ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder, 3 Tablespoon Mustard /Refined Oil, 2 Cups of Water, Chopped Coriander Leaves For Garnishing.

    • In a Grinder add red chilies, ginger, garlic and grind it. (For authentic flavor use grindstone or sil batta to grind ingredients)
    • Add black cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, cinnamon stick, coriander seeds and cumin seeds grind it together.
    • If there is requirement then add some water for grinding.
    • Once everything is grinded nicely take it out in bowl Sprinkle little water into the grinder or sil batta and take all the masala in bowl.
    • In a thick bottom pan add some oil and place on medium flame and heat till smoke comes
    • Now sim the flame Add bay leaves and onion Stir them nicely till onion becomes translucent and turn brown.
    • Now add grounded masala Saute it again.
    • Once onions become golden add tomatoes, salt and turmeric powder and saute well.
    • Add little water, mix it and Cover it with lid for 2 minutes so that tomatoes get cooked.
    • Take out the lid & mix the masala (gravy/paste).
    • Now add chicken pieces, Mix it well and Stir it for 2-3 minutes then add water and mix it well.
    • Cover it with lid and let it cook for 8 To 10 minutes on medium flame.
    • Now open the lid and mix it nicely, Turn flame on high and cook it for 4-5 minutes so that the gravy can become thick.
    • Add coriander leaves & mix it.
    • Turn off the flame and cover it with lid for 2 minutes so that chicken absorb flavor of masala.
    You Pahadi Chicken Curry is ready to serve. You can serve it with garlic naan, rice or chapati. 

    Chicken Pahadi Kabab Recipe

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    Pahadi Kabab
    The kebab or kabab are the small meat chunks which are barbecue or grill to delicious and the origin of kebab or kabab was from middle eastern cuisine and many variant are famous around the world. Lately in India it has been popular as Mughlai cuisine. In northern part of India some of the famous kebab are shami kebab, tikka kebab and hariyali pahadi kebab.

    The Pahadi kabab/kebab is very much influenced by spices and herbs which are grown at mountain. Pahadi people are more rely on natural greens, that’s why they add green herbs and vegetable in their most of dishes and that is why this dish is also known as Hariyali chicken kebab as it include many green pahadi vegetables. This recipe can be better for those who loves kabab but not so spicy. So lets jump into the chicken pahadi kabab recipe.

    Ingredients- 3 Servings

    450 gram Chicken (Boneless), Mint leaves (handful), Coriander leaves (handful), 2 Green chillies,1 tablespoon Lemon juice, 4 tablespoon of thick Curd/yogurt, 1 teaspoon Ginger garlic paste, 1/4 teaspoon Coriander powder, 1 teaspoon Garam masala powder, 1/4 teaspoon Pepper powder, 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon Salt or as according to taste, 2 tablespoon Oil, 1 cube Butter.


    • Take a blender jar, add coriander leaves, mint leaves, lemon juice, green chilies and 1 tablespoon of water and Grind to a smooth paste.
    • After grinding take a bowl add curd, blended green paste, coriander powder, pepper powder, garam masala powder,
    • Turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and salt, give a gentle mix so that all ingredients can combine well.
    • Now Add washed chicken in it and mix well so that chicken get coated well.
    • Lastly keep it in refrigerator to marinate for 4 to 5 hours.
    • After 5 hours take the marinate out.
    • Hold wooden skewers in your hand and embed 5 to 6 chicken pieces in to the skewers and repeat this process with other skewers as well.
    • On medium flame place nonstick pan, Heat 1 tablespoon of oil and butter.
    • Place prepared skewers gently, cover the pan with lid and cook for about 6-8 minutes and remember cook it on medium heat.
    • (For authentic flavor try this recipe on indoor skillet grill or outdoor grill)
    • Then put off the lid and brush the chicken with melted butter, Turn and cook until chicken is cooked well all the sides.
    • Take them out in absorbent paper
    Your Chicken Pahadi Kabab is ready to serve.

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    Pahadi Tandoori Chicken Recipe

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    Pahadi Chicken Tandoori

    Pahadi Chicken Tandoori is one of the popular and loved dish in Northern India. It was introduced by the people living in the Himalayan (mountains) region. You can make this pahadi dish at home without oven or barbecue. So lets jump into the chicken pahadi tandoori recipe.

    Ingredients- 4 Servings

    1.2 kg chicken,
    2 tablespoon ginger garlic paste, 1 teaspoon garam masala powder, 1 tablespoon coriander powder, 1 tablespoon red chilli powder, 1 tablespoon kasuri methi, 2 teaspoon salt to taste, Lemon juice of 2 pieces, 2 tablespoon malai, 1 cup curd,1/2 cup Coriander and mint leaves paste, 1 teaspoon green food color, butter.

    • First take a sharp knife and make gashes on chicken pieces and keep aside.
    • Now in a bowl add ginger garlic paste, garam masala powder, coriander powder, red Chilli powder, kasuri methi, salt, lemon juice, coriander and mint leaves paste. Mix all ingredients well.
    • Add chicken to the mixture, combine well so that chicken get well coated and keep it aside on rest for 10 minutes.
    • Take another bowl add malai, curd, green food color and mix it well.
    • Now add the marinade to this malai and curd mixture, mix well and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes in refrigerator.
    • Put a sauce pan on medium flame, add butter to heat and melt.
    • Now place all the chicken pieces to pan gently, cover the pan with lid and let it cook for 10 minutes on medium flame.
    • Open the lid turn the chicken pieces let it cook for 8 to 10 minutes on high flame and after that take out in bowl.
    • Now on flame put home square grill and carefully place the chicken pieces so to give authentic pahadi smoky flavor.
    • Brush the chicken with butter, turn and roast it for 2 to 3 min from all sides.
    Your pahadi chicken tandoori is ready to serve.

    Green Chicken Recipe (Chicken Hariyali)

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    Hariyali Chicken

    Chicken Hariyali Curry is a tangy and delicious chicken recipe, cooked in green gravy which is prepared by mint leaves, coriander leaves and brown onions. This pahadi dish is also popular known as Green Chicken or Hariyali Chicken. So lets jump into the green chicken recipe.

    Ingredients- 4 Servings

    1st Marination Ingredients:
    1 kg Chicken with bones, 200 ml Curd, 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder, 3 teaspoon- Ginger garlic paste, 1/2 teaspoon Salt.

    2nd marination Ingredients for green paste:
    4 medium onions Fried onions or barista,  1 cup chopped- Coriander leaves, 1 cup- Mint leaves (Pudina leaves),  3-4 broken - Green chilies, 10 to 12 Cashews 

    Other ingredients:
    4 tablespoon Oil, 2 teaspoon Coriander powder,1 teaspoon Cumin powder, 1 teaspoon garam masala powder, 1 teaspoon Pepper powder

    • First you have to marinate the chicken with the 1st marination ingredients. Keep it aside for rest around 30 minutes.
    • Now in a blender put 2nd marination ingredients and blend into a smooth green paste.
    • Once the chicken has been marinating, pour this smooth green paste over the marinated chicken mix well and then keep it aside on rest for an hour.
    • Place a heavy bottomed pan or kadhai on flame & heat oil in it.
    • Put the marinated chicken in pan and fry on high flame for 5 minutes.
    • Now lower the flame to medium and cook for around 10 minutes so the green masala will cook well.
    • Add the coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala powder and 1 teaspoon salt and stir well so that all ingredients can combine well.
    • Put the lid to cover pan and let chicken cook for 15 minutes.
    • Remove the lid, now sprinkle the pepper powder and mix it gently.
    • Cover the pan again and cook for another 5 minutes till the oil get separated and chicken get soften.
    Your Green Chicken Hariyali is ready to serve. You can serve it with garlic naan, rice or chapati. 


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